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Life Settlements 101

An overview of life settlements

About Buckeye Life Resources

A description of BLR

When to Consider a Life Settlement

Basic attributes of a marketable case

Life Settlement Reference Guide

How to identify viable life settlement candidates

Prequalification Sheet

For use while prospecting cases

Parties to the Transaction

Life settlement stakeholders defined & demystified

Sellers Beware

Know who's working for (and against) you.

Why Use a Broker?

The trade-offs between using a broker and going it alone

How to Choose a Broker

Favorable attributes of a life settlement broker

How Life Settlement Brokers are Compensated

Methodologies for broker compensation

Why Two Brokers May Be One Too Many

Using more than one broker may be counterproductive.

Life Settlement Provider Defined

An inside view of life settlement providers

Case Studies

See the potential of life settlements.

The Life Settlement Process

A summary of the process from beginning to end

Sample Life Insurance Illustration

How to run illustrations for life settlement valuations

NAIC Brochure

A consumer-friendly overview of life settlements issued by the NAIC

Ohio's Viatical Settlement Model Act

An unofficial reproduction of Ohio's life settlement rules and regulations

Tax Reform Favors Life Settlements 

The IRS implemented two key changes for 2018.

Did You Know...

Life insurance usually doesn't pay a death benefit. Here's why.

Continuing Education Offered

"Life Settlements: Overview & Insights" 

( one hour of CE / CLE )

Two Myths about Life Settlements

Widely held views that aren't true

Life Settlements are Spooky

Or are they? Peace of mind for sellers.

Life Settlement Pricing

The fundamentals of case valuations

Two Bidders are Better Than One

How to maximize life settlement offers

One of These Things is Not Like the Others

Life settlement valuations aren't self-evident.

LEs: A Basic Explanation

Life expectancy reports defined in plain terms

No LE, No Clue

Not knowing the LE puts the seller at a disadvantage.


These two disclosures are required in Ohio.

COVID-19 & Life Settlements

How might the pandemic impact this industry?

Retained Death Benefit (RDB) Option

Keep some of the DB without paying premiums.

Direct Sales are an Illusion

What every seller needs to know. 

Keep-versus-Sell Comparison

Insist on this type of analysis when contemplating a sale.

Life Settlements & Philanthropy

Another way to give

Life Settlement Planning

When to start the process

Common Uses of Life Settlement Proceeds

Sale proceeds may be used in unlimited ways.

A New View on Life Settlements

The best times to contemplate a sale

Don't Get Fleeced

Auctions maximize sale proceeds.

Numbers Worth Remembering

Noteworthy figures for fiduciaries

State of the Life Settlement Market

Prevailing industry conditions

The Big Lie

Don't fall for this whopper.

Found Money

Awareness is key.

Term Conversions

Term policies are in demand.

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